Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ironman trialthon

So I'm new to this blogging thing. I'm going to try to keep a blog in the process of training for my first ironman. Why do a ironman? I don't know but I have always wanted to do one. I think I'm training for one to prove that I'm officially no longer a couch potato. Below is training for the last few days.

Thursday went hiking along the Turnagain Arm. Ken, Nick, and myself went up Mchugh Peak. It was a windy day. The trail starts at the Mchugh Creek parking lot and climbs up to Mchugh peak. Total elevation gain I believe is 4000 feet in about 3.5 miles. The hike felt good. The legs were a little tired from running the day before but warmed up well. On the hike got to see 3 dall sheep and 2 moose. Tank decided to chase the sheep. It was kind of funny watching Tank try to catch animals that live in mtns and are use to climbing.

Total miles 7-4000 feet elevation gain, and 2.5 hrs

Easy day legs were tired from the hike yesterday. Rode the road bike for 35 mins on the trainer to stretch the legs then I got out and ran 3.5 miles around the neighborhood. The running felt good and the legs warmed up well

Total miles 3.5 miles running and 10 miles biking total time 1.0 hr

Tank and I ran on the Turnagain Arm Trail. The view was amazing. The turnagain arm trail gains moderate elevation while hugging the turnagain arm. The view of the Kenai mtns is amazing. I ran from the Potters trail head to Mchugh Creek trail head and back. The only excitement was Tank almost getting into a porcupine. Other than that the run was a good time to think and enjoy the sun.

Total run time 50 mins and 6.5 miles

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