Friday, May 7, 2010

Training this week

Monday-Took a rest day, it was gorgeous out and I just did house chores, such as raking

Tuesday-Tank and I ran 7 miles on the Turnagain Arm Trail. It was an awesome day out. It was about 65 degrees and super sunny. Tank and I had a good time. We ran from Mchugh Trailhead torwards Windy corner and back. I think it took about 45 mins.

Wednesday-Tank and I ran the saddle in Eagle River and also Mile High. Together the distance was probably 4-5 miles and about 3000 feet of elevation gain. The legs were tired after two hard hill days running. However I'm feeling much stronger than last year at this time. All the cross country skiing has made me legs in much better shape.

Total miles and time 4.5 and 3000 feet elevation gain and about 40-45 mins.

Thursday-I finally got out on the road bike. The weather wasn't that great, however it felt good to get out on the bike for a change. I rode from my house on 65th and Elmore to Kindcaid and back via the coastal trail and the Chester creek trail. The coastal trail was nice and the view across the inlet was great. I was out for about 1.75 hours. I think the distance was 35-40 miles. The legs were tired after hammering the last 20 mins of the ride into the wind.

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